How to Dress For Rexburg Weather

The weather in Rexburg can be very temperamental. What starts off as a warm sunnIMG_6959.jpgy day
can end with snow, or vice versa. Knowing what to wear day to day
in Rexburg can be tricky, especially when you can’t be sure what the weather will be like in the next hour. Each season is vastly different and it’s tough to be prepared if you don’t know what to expect. There are several things to think about for when you’re getting dressed in the morning if you live in Rexburg, Idaho.

Winter is cold. Very very cold. And windy. And snowy. So if you’re planning on going outside in a Rexburg winter, you better bundle up. Wearing a coat is often not enough, so add warm scarf, a hat, and maybe even some gloves. Having sturdy boots with good traction is a must.IMG_6986.jpg Trekking through the ice, wind and snow is so much easier when you have the proper footwear, and it makes all the difference. The last thing you want is to slip and fall into the snow. The wind can whip especially hard during the winter, so having something to cover your ears is highly recommended- earmuff, hat, thermal headband, etc.

Right now spring is very slowly appearing in Rexburg as winter reluctantly fades. Transitions between seasons can be all over the place when it comes to weather. The morning may be sweater weather, but the afternoon is sweltering. When the sun comes out it’s glorious, but it can make a warm day even warmer. So I’ll give you the sIMG_6969.jpgecret to surviving the transitional seasons in Idaho. Layers.

Layers allow you to bundle up or cool down as you need to throughout the day. It’s alway better to wear more layers that you can take off if you get hot than be stuck wearing one thing that leaves you too hot or too cold. When you’re wearing a short-sleeve shirt, a cardigan, and a jacket you have a lot more options and opportunities to make yourself comfortable.

Rexburg is a fairly wet place, especially during the spring. If it’s not snowing or raining, everything is melting and defrosting. Having proper footwear is very important. Having sturdy, preferably waterproof, boots is definitely recommended. It’s also helpful in the spring to have a raincoat, water-resistant jacket, or umbrella handy for rainy days.

Summer in Rexburg is sunny and it can get quite warm. Though it might rain occasionally, the weather in summer is fairly mild and predictable. Ladies, I suggest wearing skirts or dresses to stay cool during the summer. Since it’s so windy in Rexburg, be careful what types of dresses and skirts you wear or you might end up showing a little more skin than you bargained for.
Dressing for the weather in Rexburg may seem overwhelming, especially now. But, don’t worry, as long as you check the weather forecast before you get dressed each day you’ll do just fine. In Rexburg, it’s a “learn as you go” environment through trial and error.