Restaurants Around Rexburg


Rexburg may be a small town, but there are many different options for food around town. Here are a few of the go-to spots around Rexburg.

Taqueria El Rancho

Located at 312 W 4th S, Taqueria El Rancho isn’t your typical Mexican restaurant. It’s actually an old school bus that has a kitchen and benches along the windows. It’s authentic Mexican food and the food is very reasonably priced. They have all sorts of options, from tacos and nachos to chile rellenos and burritos, and so many more options. The Taco Bus is located conveniently two blocks away from BYU-Idaho campus, right past Tuscany Place and Rockland Apartments.

Frontier Pies

Located at 460 W 4th S, Frontier Pies offers American cuisine and many different pies, hence the name. It has a rustic feel and they offer so many different types of food that they have something for everyone. I went just last week and I got a San Francisco Club, which was a double decker sandwich on sourdough. My roommate got a chicken fried steak and my friend got nachos, therefore there was something for everyone. They also have a lot of pie options, including Apple, Banana Crème and of course, Chocolate.

The Hickory

Located at 155 W Main St., The Hickory is a barbecue joint that offers so much more than just barbecue. The Hickory is the IMG_1547closest thing to southern food I’ve eaten out here in Rexburg, and it’s amazing. They have the best macaroni and cheese I have ever had and they have very generous portions. If you are looking for some good comfort food here in Rexburg, The Hickory is the place to go. They have all of the comfort foods you could think of- mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and biscuits.

Pizza Pie Cafe

Located at 240 N 2nd E, Pizza Pie Cafe is a buffet style restaurant that serves pizza, pasta and salads. They offer some different types of pizza, including one that includes potatoes on it, typical Idaho. They also have some different types of dessert pizzas, including an Oreo pizza, an Apple Pie pizza and a Cookie Dough pizza. Pizza Pie also often has nights where they have deals so sign up for their text messages to get their deals!


Located at 975 University Blvd, Applebee’s is a great go-to when you want some good American cuisine. Sure, Applebee’s is a chain but it is one of the bigger restaurants here in Rexburg, and I know I have gone there multiple times with my roommates to celebrate different events, especially when we don’t want to drive down to Idaho Falls. Applebee’s offers steaks, hamburgers, pastas, wings and more.

Nielsen’s Frozen Custard

Located at 115 S 2nd W, Nielsen’s offers the best frozen custard in town. They have the basic flavors of vanilla and IMG_1550chocolate and then they have a flavor of the day. They also sell burgers, fries and chicken. Nielsen’s custard is so smooth and creamy and it’s definitely the best ice cream option in town.


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