Date Night

Rexburg- you either love it or you hate it. Rexburg is home to some of coldest winters as well as some awkward returned missionaries dying to get a date. These two things alone make it a mystery of why anyone would want to live here. But as crazy as it is, this quaint college town is replete with young single adults, lunging at every opportunity to go on a date. Hopefully this post will throw out some nice date ideas or warm up your heart to saying yes to one of them. I’ve listed my top 5 favorite date ideas in Rexburg.

  1. Visit Driggs

I wouldn’t recommend this as a first date idea, but if you are feeling some strong chemistry, you can’t go wrong with taking a trip up to Driggs. Mountain lakes, buffalo, hiking trails, and rivers are all home to Driggs. I promise the scenery of the Tetons will win hearts. Driggs is only about a 45-minute drive from Rexburg, an easy day trip. There are large varieties of mom and pop restaurants to discover and fun activities to do. Make sure to catch the newest movie releases at the famous Spud Drive-in.

  1.     Haunted Maze and Haunted Mill

October is one of the most fun months in Rexburg. The air is crisp, the weather is cool, and there is so much to do. Haunted mazes and haunted mills are a must. Girls have a secret love for being scared. They may not admit it, but they do. It is also a great excuse to get a little close.

  1.     Mini Golf

Fat cats is home to a lot of entertaining activities but one of my favorites is mini golf. Mini golf is great for all seasons, especially during the winter. It can be hard to think of date ideas during the winter. I promise it will be nice to get off the couch and away from Netflix. Mini Golf is relatively cheap and is something that doesn’t require a ton of athletic ability.

  1.     School Activities

Believe it or not, BYU-Idaho puts on some good activities. You don’t even have to leave Rexburg to go to some pretty cool concerts. Josh Turner, David Archuleta, Alex Boyed and Scotty McCrery are just a few musicians that have performed at BYU-Idaho. There are always plays, talent shows, and dances being held on campus. If you want a date that says no commitment, purely interest, ask a girl out on a classic Devo date. If you are lucky, the devotional speaker will talk about the importance of marriage.

  1. Kiwi Loco

If you love a fun place to eat frozen yogurt, then Kiwi Loco is the place for you. The employees are a ton of fun and it is a fun atmosphere to get to know your date. Kiwi Loco is always having great deals. Every Wednesday is a workout Wednesday deal, every push-up equals one percent off. Every girl loves cake batter and cheesecake pieces. She will think you are a romantic for taking her here.

There is always something fun to do here in Rexburg. These ideas are cheap, fun, and classic. You can never go wrong with these five adventures. They’re tried and true. Trust me.


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